Philippe Martel

Affiliated collaborator - Barnes Quebec

Groupe sutton - sur l'île - Partner of BARNES Québec


With Philippe’s deep roots in the city, and business education from HEC Montréal, he is committed to the needs of his clients. Participation in hundreds of deals, inspections, and evaluations, gives him a unique strategic edge on every deal he oversees. Philippe ensures that the right deal connects to the right people in every instance. A focus on making sure that the communities he serves grow and flourish, means that his clients are assured that they are supported, and encouraged to make the right decisions to secure not only a home, or a fruitful investment, but also the perfect fit for their needs, and goals.

This dedication to assuring that clients’ portfolios and communities are built on solid footing, has seen him contribute to the exceptional growth and maturation of the neighborhoods he serves.

Philippe believes that building value is a bigger project than an individual deal. It is the project of connection between lifestyle, home, community, and values.

Philippe is fluent in French, and English, and is proud to welcome new clients to bring their best to the rich tapestry of life in Montréal. In his role in Équipe Mark-André Martel, he shepherds clients through this process, integrating priorities of home, investment, and neighborhood, through strategic planning.

Long term relationships are the key to this strategy, and Philippe’s success has come from remaining available to his clientele, as they build on ownership, through investment. At his client’s side, from buying a first home, through navigating the ins and outs of building on a solid base of revenue property, no matter the budget.

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