Yannick Ménard courtier Barnes-Québec

Yannick Ménard

Affiliated collaborator - Barnes Quebec

Groupe sutton - clodem - Partner of BARNES Québec


For Yannick Ménard, luck has no place in real estate. If there’s one field where details can make all the difference, it’s real estate. Rigorous at work and friendly by nature, Yannick is a rock-solid pillar for the team’s day-to-day. He brings out the best of every member of the team, which he views as a well-oiled machine. Wherever help is needed, Yannick is quick to step in – whether it’s printing advertising, designing graphic material or supporting marketing. Never content to simply just meet needs; Yannick surpasses them. Which is exactly what Emmanuelle Beaudet and her team are famous for.

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