We invite you to enter the fascinating world of BARNES, whose mission is to redesign your experience of luxury real estate and all the wonderful things that surround it.

BARNES Québec supports select clients with diverse portfolios in the sale and purchase of real estate. We cover the most coveted neighborhoods and regions of Quebec. By leveraging our world-class network, our cutting-edge expertise in overseas transactions, and our real-time connection to all BARNES offices, we serve as your gateway to a whole world of possibilities.

BARNES Québec bears the DNA of a prestigious brand with rich European roots. It embraces a mentality focused on long-term relationships and the highest quality standards. It is also your gateway to the world’s most spectacular destinations, to exclusive privileges, and to the art of living in its most exquisite expression.

Above all, it is a team of carefully selected, high-calibre real estate brokers

Professionals who are carefully selected based on their distinctive paths, their admirable values, and their high level of specialization. Experts with cutting-edge expertise of the trendiest neighborhoods, connected to the vibrant pulse of the market and dedicated to guiding families, professionals and investors, through the journey of a lifetime. Owing to their complementary skills, which include nance, law, and world-class customer service, they deliver one of the strongest and most in-depth service offerings in the industry.

Quite like professional wealth managers

Building long-term relationships is the cornerstone of our real estate vision. That’s why our holistic approach, which combines all of the services related to real estate and the art of living, is so unique. Quite like professional wealth managers, our brokers work with your best interests at heart, while providing you with an attentive concierge service.

What makes BARNES so distinctive? An exclusive, high-end network of experts.

An unyielding commitment to renewing its approach for each and every client. A level of proactivity that will surpass your expectations. A custom-designed, comprehensive experience that goes far beyond real estate brokerage. By joining forces with reputable experts in areas such as

  • Financing
  • international law
  • architecture, and
  • private wealth management,

we play an active role in bringing your project to life, rather than simply conducting a transaction. This connection to high-end business professionals, combined with an excellent network capable of handling all practical day-to-day tasks, enables us to provide you with the most extensive level of support.

If you share this vision and like our approach, don’t hesitate to come visit us to our boutique agency located in the Montreal’s Golden Square Mile, or contact us.