BARNES Publications

BARNES Publications

An insider’s perspective into the luxury real estate market.

BARNES Magazine

Highly anticipated, the BARNES magazine is published worldwide twice a year and published in 180,000 copies. It presents a selection of the most beautiful properties as well as the latest trends and news around the art of living. In each issue, a business personality and pioneer in the luxury world opens the doors to their home and shares their unique journey. A high-quality publication worth reading and rereading.

Global Property Handbook

BARNES International publishes the Global Property Handbook every year. This study provides information on trends in the luxury real estate market and on the interests and needs of high-net-worth clients and investors. It includes the BARNES City Index, a ranking of the most popular cities and holiday destinations throughout the world. Recognized as a standard in the industry, the study is eagerly awaited each year and presented to major international media, private banks, investment funds, our distinguished clients, and our business partners.

Year after year, Montreal enjoys an enviable position in the BARNES City Index.