Buying Luxury Real Estate in Québec

Buying Luxury Real Estate in Québec

Buying or selling a property is one of the most significant events in your life. That’s the level of consideration and seriousness we put into every transaction.

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Drawing on their thorough knowledge of various regions, our specialists will guide you to the neighborhood that will enchant you. Thanks to their exclusive privileges, they will give you unique access to prestigious addresses and hidden treasures in the province.

Buying new construction

By maintaining close relationships with major local and international real estate developers, BARNES places you among the first to have access to developing neighborhoods, the most outstanding architectural works, and the most sought-after units—at the best price.

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Purchasing abroad

For all foreign real estate investments, BARNES Québec offers superior assistance through our international division, BARNES INVEST ABROAD. At all times, our division is connected to the 122 offices and 1300 expert brokers in each location of our network, giving you access to opportunities in real time, fully informed advice, and strong on-site representation.

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What makes BARNES so distinctive?

An unyielding commitment to renewing its approach for each and every client. A level of proactivity that will surpass your expectations. A custom-designed, comprehensive experience that goes far beyond real estate brokerage.

By joining forces with reputable experts in areas such as financing, international law, architecture, and private wealth management, we play an active role in bringing your project to life, rather than simply conducting a transaction. This connection to high-end business professionals, combined with an excellent network capable of handling all practical day-to-day tasks, enables us to provide you with the most extensive level of support.

At BARNES, our brokers are carefully selected based on their distinctive paths, their admirable values, and their high level of specialization. They bring you their cutting-edge expertise of the trendiest neighborhoods. Owing to their complementary skills, which include finance, law, and world-class customer service, they deliver one of the strongest and most in-depth service offerings in the industry.

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