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New city, new life.

Settling in a new city or country, be it for business reasons or to fulfill a dream, is a major change that comes with unique challenges, especially if you are moving your entire family. Support and planning are key to ensure a smooth landing into your new life.


Our mission

To facilitate the arrival of our clients in Montreal by offering a service that is tailored to the specific needs of each family. We also assist professionals who move abroad to cities where the BARNES network has offices.

Our services

There are very few limits to what we can do to make your life easier

  • Help you decide on the right neighborhood for you and your family
  • Find your ideal home
  • Guide you to the services that will cover the administrative aspects of your relocation, such as obtaining visas, drivers’ licences and insurance
  • Recommend the best schools, sports clubs, and associations you are interested in and help you have access to them
  • Coordinate all the logistics by putting you in touch with top experts: banker, mortgage broker, notary, tax advisor, international law attorney, and private wealth management advisor

We would be thrilled to welcome you to our wonderful city, which you’ll soon call home. In fact, our team and our collaborators will handle all the details of your trip for the prospecting and implementation of your project, including booking your transportation, hotel and restaurants as well as scheduling your meetings with various professionals.

Rest assured you have found trusted allies to turn your project into one of the happiest chapters of your life.

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