Sell a Luxury Property in Quebec

Sell a Luxury Property in Quebec

An impeccable transaction. And so much more.

What makes BARNES so distinctive ?

An unyielding commitment to renewing its approach for each and every client. A level of proactivity that will surpass your expectations. A custom-designed, comprehensive experience that goes far beyond real estate brokerage. By joining forces with reputable experts in areas such as financing, international law, architecture, and private wealth management, we play an active role in bringing your project to life, rather than simply conducting a transaction. This connection to high-end business professionals, combined with an excellent network capable of handling all practical day-to-day tasks, enables us to provide you with the most extensive level of support.

Our brokers are carefully selected based on their distinctive paths, their admirable values, and their high level of specialization. They bring you their cutting-edge expertise of the trendiest neighborhoods. Owing to their complementary skills, which include nance, law, and world-class customer service, they deliver one of the strongest and most in-depth service offerings in the industry.

Your property deserves to be admired by the most qualified buyers.

Open the doors of your property to the entire world. When you become a BARNES client, you enhance your marketing strategy by automatically making your property visible to the entire BARNES network.

Thus, it will be offered for sale or rental to anyone who visits the BARNES International website and will also be displayed on major local real estate sites. It will enjoy exceptional exposure on our various digital platforms, reaching millions of qualified visitors each year.

As a BARNES client, your real estate assets will also benefit from unparalleled exposure, supported by a team of 1000 experts throughout the world’s major capital cities.

Sell a Luxury Property in Quebec

Marketing that matches the prestige of your property

  • BARNES International website
  • Local real estate websites
  • BARNES Québec website
  • Social media
  • Local and international high-end media

Excellence and a passion for elegance, for your property’s grand entrance

With a strong commitment to excellence and a passion for elegance, our experts put great care into making your property shine from every angle. We handle all preparations for your home, including cleaning and making repairs. If needed, we call upon the best contractors and interior designers for an impeccably attractive staging of your property.

From photos and videos to aerial shots and creating 3D virtual tours, we put in place every strategy to showcase your home, with the help of the most qualified professionals in the industry. 

Regardless of the value of your property, you will benefit from the highest levels of quality throughout your experience.

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