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September 17th, 2022

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« For BARNES Québec’s team, real estate holds limitless possibilities. »

The Montreal address of BARNES International, the leading luxury real estate agency in Europe, BARNES Quebec has facilitated hundreds of transactions over the past three years. Long-term relationships, a holistic approach, privileged access; discover our unique approach tailored to your needs, through 3 real estate dream stories.


BARNES International Realty, a leading European luxury real estate agency for nearly 25 years, accompanies its clients in acquiring, selling and managing real estate property and investments, in addition to positioning itself as a reference in the art of living. After merely three years of existence, BARNES Québec, the brand’s Montréal-based boutique agency, has facilitated hundreds of transactions. Here is how, for BARNES Québec’s team, real estate holds limitless possibilities.

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A Holistic Approach Akin to Wealth Management

When the banner was inaugurated in Montréal, partners Étienne Beaudry and Félix Giguère longed to enhance the luxury real estate experience and fill specific gaps in the industry. “We do not only search for properties to sell, but rather look for relationships to develop,” explains Étienne Beaudry, partner and chartered real estate broker at BARNES Québec.

Our brokers advise families, professionals and investors throughout their life journey, he adds. They position themselves as true partners. It is rather rare for brokers to spend time with you to discuss your future endeavours and goals if you do not have property to sell, but for BARNES, this is standard.

The agency offers a comprehensive service that encompasses everything that relates to real estate and the art of living including financing, international law, architecture and international investments.

Carefully Selected Collaborators for a Personalized Experience

BARNES International Realty manages hundreds of offices in the world’s largest cities and most sought-after destinations, bringing together some 1,000 real estate experts. These synergies enable the agency to rely on local expertise to seize opportunities in high-growth markets, while allowing clients to interact with confidence with their close advisor.

Thanks to their network of preferred contacts, the agency’s advisors connect you with carefully selected collaborators to address your exact needs for both your real estate situation and lifestyle. “We introduce our clients to the best professionals and a choice of properties to suit their tastes and requirements. Our attention to detail and personalized approach have led many of our clients to complete their project through renowned local and international talent,” adds Félix Giguère, partner and residential real estate broker at BARNES Québec.

Authentic Relationships

Why invest such much effort even when there is no possible transaction in the near future?

“Quite simply, we carry out things with care and look after our clients, Étienne Beaudry summarizes. We take time to focus on our clients’ life plans so we can be at the forefront of their and their family’s needs for the next 10, 30 or 40 years.”

Three Dream Real Estate Stories

Entering a new phase of life at 55

After having spent 30 years creating memories in their Outremont home and becoming empty nesters, a couple hoped to turn the page and experience urban condo life. Their BARNES advisor helped them see things from a different perspective, discover and embrace a dynamic neighbourhood, and transform a nostalgia-tinged event into a happy one. BARNES’s experts also helped the couple’s children turn their first real estate investments into financial springboards. A perfect example of BARNES’s holistic service, which includes real estate education and access to preferred contacts to help the couple rethink their second home’s architecture.

Investing in the art of living

To diversify his portfolio, a gentleman wanted to invest in Montréal’s real estate. His BARNES advisor quickly realized how fond he was of the vibrant city of Miami and proposed that he consider investing internationally, which would, among other things, offer him an improved lifestyle. The Montréal agency called upon its Miami colleagues to keep its client apprised of the city’s most popular projects and best investment opportunities, with BARNES’s advisor even accompanying the gentleman to Miami. He is now fully supported by BARNES’s offices, both in Canada and the US and his simple investment turned into a lifestyle with year-round sunshine. And had he been interested in Paris, New York or Provence instead, he would have benefited from the same level of service.

Returning to Quebec as a family

Mr. is from Europe, Mrs. is from Montréal, and both lived in Asia. Once their children reached school age, they wanted to return to Quebec and called upon BARNES to help them prepare for their new life. The team took care of everything remotely, including selling their foreign-owned properties in London and Provence, identifying the best neighbourhoods in Montréal for the family, acquiring the perfect property, customizing the premises with the help of a renowned architect, researching schools, sorting out procedures with immigration lawyers, and setting up the family’s banking. BARNES’s advisors, in close contact with the couple’s oldest child, who arrived ahead of the family, regularly meet with them to ensure that they integrate harmoniously into their Montréal life.

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