An unsuspected destination

Only 30 kilometres northeast of Montreal, the Lanaudière region has a thousand and one colourful sights that open the door to an abundance of original activities.

The entire area is an outdoors paradise featuring wilderness areas, 10,000 lakes, rivers, waterfalls and rapids, plains, mountains and beaches galore! The Lanaudière actually provides an infinite number of possibilities. Whether you feel like tackling the hiking trails, coast down a river in a canoe or maybe spend a day on a beach, the Lanaudière has everything an outdoor enthusiast might need for a pleasurable outing. Don’t just tolerate winter! Get out there enjoy it by scooting across 4,800 kilometres of wonderful snowmobile trails.

The change of pace is total. You can power up to the top of the foreboding Montagne Noire (Black Mountain) the tallest peak in Saint-Donat. Stroll across the new bridge spanning the Ouareau River between Chertsey and Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci before stepping into the shade of majestic century-old pines in the Ouareau forest. The region also includes Mont-Tremblant National Park, where magnificent views are everywhere. Drink in the fiery colours of the autumn foliage. Wake up the explorer in you on hundreds of kilometres of signposted trails! Whether an expert or a beginner, you’ve got a vast choice of hiking routes at your beck and call. Let your boots be your guide in beguiling landscapes. And, after a brisk walk, why not take the afternoon off and relax? Lanaudière features several spa and health centres where you can enjoy some well-deserved rest and relaxation.

If you have an inner gourmet, you came to the right place! A farming region abounding with agricultural production, the Lanaudière proposes five different tasting tours enabling you to sample culinary delights while touring the countryside. The routes will guide you through the heartland with a sampling of regional specialties. Talk about your gourmet getaway!

Locally recognized for its natural beauty, the Lanaudière is also well-known for its artistic and cultural community. The traditional music scene is a starting point. The region is home to some of Canada’s most famous classical music and theatre festivals. And this is where some of the country’s most famous singers came from, notably Céline Dion. The Lanaudière’s architectural legacy is something to behold. Among contemporary condos, luxury estates, private lakeside residences and simple houses in rural cottage country, even the most particular buyers will find something to their taste.

The Lanaudière can be counted on to provide a welcoming residence as unique as the region itself. Fall for the charms of this unusual, multi-layered territory where every day is a new discovery.

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