Marion Veilleux

Marion Veilleux

Director of operations

Passionnate about nature, travel, and human relations, Marion joined our team in August 2020 and has since continued to deepen her knowledge. One day in Tremblant, the other in Banff, Marion travels across Quebec and Canada on her many outdoor expeditions. The multitude of encounters she made in the process allowed her to get to develop her network and always plan the right approach.

Her growing interest in real estate and her bachelor degree in management were a significant asset for the position of coordinator at Barnes-Québec. Her attention to detail, unwavering sense of organization and overall vision always ensures professional work.


My expression of Art de vivre
Exploration of the best scuba diving sites, trips to the four corners of the globe, discovery of new cultures and new flavors, outdoor activities, new culinary learnings

Find me here
The Richmond, Namkha Yoga Studio, Cinqàsept épicerie gastronomique, near the banks of the St-Lawrence River and Laurentides Lakes

Countries/Cities I have lived in
Montréal and Quebec

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My Contact Information

Marion Veilleux

[email protected]

1472 Sherbrooke Ouest
Montréal, QC H3G 1L3