What to consider when choosing a real estate broker in Quebec

June 28th, 2019

Between negotiating, understanding the Quebec market, and managing the commercial, financial, and legal aspects for a successful real estate transaction, there’s no need to face it all alone. Whether you want to sell or buy a beautiful property in Quebec, having the right real estate broker by your side is key.

Protect yourself and trust the experts: Québécois real estate broker

Navigating the waters of Quebec real estate market is full of surprises, some of which you might not be prepared for.

As a buyer or seller, it’s essential that you cover all of your bases. So in order to protect yourself and your assets, always consult with a real estate broker, a member of the real estate board, for expert advice under the legal protections of the Real Estate Brokerage Act. This policy ensures that real estate brokers are well-regulated and highly-trained in the province’s real estate laws and practices.

The BARNES Quebec team is comprised of real estate brokers who are dedicated, multi-lingual specialists in the Quebec region. Upgrading their skills year after year, each team member adheres to a code of professionalism and ethics. No matter the service, trusting a BARNES Quebec real estate broker allows the buyer or seller to proceed with ease knowing that their real estate transaction is in the best possible hands.

Understanding the ways of the land: Professional services

The process of selling or buying property in Quebec – or anywhere, in fact – is long and tedious. From the inception to the completion of your real estate transaction, you can find the best help at BARNES Quebec real estate agency in Montreal.

BARNES Quebec offers a wide range of real estate services to ensure clients’ success, with care and discretion. With 700 associates and 90 agencies worldwide, BARNES Quebec also benefits from the collaborative BARNES International network of real estate actors and privilege clients that reaches both global and local corners. A unique global and international service, this “borderless dimension” is a major asset to sellers in search of interested buyers and buyers in search of the perfect luxury property in the Quebec territory.

To find your hidden gem, BARNES Quebec regional specialists will be by your side throughout each stage of your search, providing a selection of prestige properties that meet every point on your criteria.

At the appraisal stage, the real estate brokers at BARNES Quebec provide comprehensive property analysis, with years of experience and unmatched knowledge of local markets at their and your service. Their knowledge of the economy allows them to advise on optimal asking and selling prices that are consistent with market trends. This professional expertise is vital to any real estate transactions.

Even more, BARNES Quebec is extremely respected and well-connected. Whatever your real estate project requires – a notary, mortgage representation, architect, home staging consultant, etc. – your BARNES Quebec real estate broker only recommends the very best professional assistance to realize your dreams under the best possible conditions.

The mission of BARNES Quebec real estate brokers is not only to achieve but optimize clients’ success, following a high standard of excellence and never settling for less.