The real estate market in Outremont, Montreal

July 11th, 2019

Set in an upscale residential neighborhood, the Outremont real estate market is flourishing just as its multitude of green spaces in the sunny season.

The elegance of Outremont

Buying a house in Outremont is a no-brainer for all Montrealers. It’s a beautiful place.

Undeniably chic, this area of Montreal is home to splendid houses with traditional architecture. The mansions are incredibly well maintained, the lawns are cut to perfection and the flowerbeds are beautifully carved.

Outremont is the stronghold of affluent families, a rather francophone population who appreciate the very good schools and universities including Stanislas College, Université de Montréal. and HEC Montréal.

There are many parks and playgrounds to the delight of the young and not so young. But what most people in Outremont prefer is the ability to do everything on foot. Shopping in trendy boutiques, daily shopping or having a coffee on a nice terrace in the lively streets of Bernard, Laurier Ouest or Van Horne. And head to the Outremont Theatre, the programming is excellent, especially for lovers of the classics.

The restaurants in Outremont are very famous for the variety and the quality of cuisine. Terraces are invitations from the first rays of sunshine, chefs and restaurateurs play decorative and culinary creativity. The atmosphere is warm and the Quebec natives welcoming. Outremont is the right place to live, stay in and go out.

A luxury house or apartment

The choice will be between prestige and luxury or luxury and prestige. This residential area boasts majestic Victorian houses with the appearance of small castles, Colonnade mansions that give Outremont this justified reputation as a wealthy district of Montreal where the real estate market is perpetually dynamic. When it comes to greenery, Outremont is not lacking, the streets are lined with trees and the bucolic parks with ponds and waterfalls are the rendezvous of Montrealers, summer, and winter. We invite you to make a small detour on your way home from school, or a sports or canine walk in the parks Pratt, Joyce, Beaubien and of course, in the Park of Outremont and discover their hidden treasures.

Living in Outremont is to guarantee a quiet life, but not boring. If you do not want to buy or rent a mansion, but living in this corner of Montreal so appreciable, it is not a concern. There are also charming houses-a little less sumptuous-like those lined with colorful exterior staircases that are usually typical of Le Plateau district. Less imposing outdoors, but they are very luxurious inside with beautiful renovations that combine tradition and modernity. And if the maintenance of a House is very little for you, it is possible to find in Outremont, the coziness of a luxurious apartment in some elegant buildings (our favorite) with Windows in Oriel (bow-window) that give a crazy stamp to the streets of the neighborhood.

Outremont offers its inhabitants the best of life in the city with a rustic spirit. It’s a very chic place to live in calm in a beautiful environment that will remain privileged home forever.