Buy property in Le Sud-Ouest, Montreal

March 14th, 2019

It won’t take you long to find the gem deemed Le Sud-Ouest, a beautiful green borough hidden somewhere in the city of Montreal. After all, its direction is in its name: Head southwest of Downtown to discover the gift of buying property in Le Sud-Ouest.

Hidden in plain sight

When considering buy property in Montreal, Quebec, the borough of Le Sud-Ouest often goes overlooked, and unjustly so. To the casual onlooker, it’s outshined by its affluent neighbors, such as the boroughs of Ville-Marie, Westmount, and Côte-des-Neiges-Notre-Dame-de-Grâce. But if you take a closer look, you’ll notice the diverse beauty surrounding the Lachine Canal, with its collection of unique neighborhoods, histories, and characters – and discover exceptional real estate.

In fact, the borough has been divided into 2 districts: the first is comprised of Saint-Henri-Ouest, Ville-Émard, and Côte-Saint-Paul neighborhoods, while the second includes Saint-Henri-Est, Little Burgundy, Pointe-Saint-Charles, and Griffintown. Although the area of Le Sud-Ouest began as a working-class and industrial neighborhood, it has evolved into a trendy, eclectic, and family-friendly living environment on the edge of Saint Lawrence River.

The current property market in Le Sud-Ouest is undergoing major transformations, building new restaurants, bars, infrastructure and luxury residences, such as contemporary-design houses and apartments to accommodate the influx of new residents. The profiles of those attracted to Le Sud-Ouest are as wide as they are diverse. However, most newcomers are drawn in by the slightly lower cost of living in Le Sud-Ouest, as well as its bucolic atmosphere and proximity to Downtown and the city’s amenities, without any of the inconveniences (like traffic).

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Living in Le Sud-Ouest

The lucky residents of Le Sud-Ouest all agree: They enjoy an exciting and high quality of life.

Although its population is mostly French-speaking (just over half), residents benefit from access both Francophone and Anglophone public schools. Not only is raising intelligent and well-rounded children a walk in a park, but there are many parks in which to talk that walk! To be precise, Le Sud-Ouest is home to 54 parks. The most impressive of which is Angrignon Park, and at 97 hectares, it’s considered the largest and the oldest park in the borough. Not to mention, Le Sud-Ouest is dotted with safe playgrounds, beautiful lakes, and 6 community gardens. Rest assured, nature is present at its finest.

Residents also appreciate the charming Old Port a popular meeting place in the summer to take romantic strolls or bike rides, and the Lachine Canal, along with its recreational and historical facilities. In the winter, the canal is transformed into a natural skating rink, boasting beautiful city views. Children are also invited to exercise their minds at any one of the many libraries or their muscles at the various sports centers.

Living in Le Sud-Ouest will expose you to an abundance of cultural and historical heritage, including museums, theaters, and the famous Atwater Market, known for gourmet cuisine vendors. Speaking of, sprinkled throughout the city is the Machine-Ô-Livres, a dollar-book vending machine that’s perfect for when the literary bug spontaneously bites.

A city on its own terms, Le Sud-Ouest has major shopping streets throughout the varying neighborhoods, including but not exclusive to Boulevard Monk, Avenue Avenue de l’Église, Rue du Centre, and Rue Notre-Dame. But, if you happen to find yourself missing the bright lights and energy of the big city, the Champlain Bridge will get you to Montreal in a jiffy.

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