Discover the natural medley of Saint-Donat

January 22nd, 2019

The picturesque village of Saint-Donat is a natural wonder, straddling the heart of both the magnificent Laurentians and Lanaudiere regions, marvelously transforming with the seasons, and sprinkled with authentic luxury chalets, as well as a consistently high quality of life.

A change of scenery

Backed by Quebec’s most natural – and perhaps even its most beautiful – landscape, Saint-Donat offers a world of nature, adventure, and leisure to the delight of holidaymakers, retirees, and second-home owners from the city. This comes as little surprise because Saint-Donat was initially established in the 19th century as a solution to overcrowding in the big cities. Formally a township municipality, its principal town being Saint-Donat-de-Montcalm, it continues to attract attention to its spectacle of evergreen, mountains of the Laurentians, beautiful basins such as the beautiful Lake Archambault and Lake Ouareau, and woodlands, all located approximately 84 miles from Montreal.

The property market in Saint-Donat provides luxe lodging in tune with nature: from log houses with fireplaces and contemporary interior design to high-end chalets with beautiful views, spas, and docks on sandy lakeshores. For those looking to invest in an interesting and even more rewarding project, consult your BARNES Quebec agent about buying and renovating a charming bed & breakfasts in the heart of the forest.

Saint-Donat welcomes all looking for a spectacular getaway in a sublime natural environment, in any season. With attractive prices, high-quality value, and rental returns, the market is suited for second-home buyers, especially those with the utmost respect for our planet.

A haven of peace and dynamism

Saint-Donat is an authentic village resort that attracts those with a desire to return to the basics, but not necessarily to live off the land. Much of its natural surroundings have been landmarked and preserved, such as the expansive Mont-Tremblant National Park, the second largest provincial park in Quebec, comprised of 583.1 square meters and 8 municipalities. And with a number of grocery stores, depanneurs or convenience stores, wellness facilities, boutiques, brasseries, and bistros, Saint-Donat accommodates visitors not only in search of nature but also quality services.

The atmosphere in the village and its surrounding area fluctuates with the seasons, but you can count on it being full of ease, relaxation, and freedom. On beautiful sunny days, enjoy hiking excursions, golfing, fishing, and water sports activities on the lakes, which are notorious for causing traffic jams on water. In the summer, it’s nice to wake up to the birds’ sweet melodies and get a head start on admiring the region’s natural heritage, wildlife, and flora.

It’s no secret that winters in the Great White North are particularly tough. But in Saint-Donat, this snowy season not only becomes a pleasure but a thrilling adventure. You’re invited to explore its ski hills, cross-country skiing and snowmobile trails, as well as skating on frozen ponds.

Above all, Saint-Donat is place of discovery, whether you like to sit back and relax or wander and explore.