The Laurentians

The Laurentians

A region to discover

Rich in landscapes, with placid lakes and immense forests, the Laurentian region of Quebec fascinates both by its history and by its wide-open spaces

The Laurentians are 22,000 square kilometres of green space just north of Montreal. The territory owes its name to the chain of primeval mountains that traverse its northern sector in the Canadian Shield. Every year, countless tourists come from far and wide to take in the Laurentian mystique. Through the years, the region has built a reputation for being the main Quebec destination for year-round outdoor activity. Let yourself fall under the spell of its unique vistas and tourist attractions.

In any season, nature will whisk you off to a magical kingdom. Once you find your own secret rendez-vous, you’ll find yourself coming back year after year to your little corner of heaven. The Laurentians will beguile you with the immensity and beauty of countless parks where you can engage in any number of activities: skiing, hiking or snowshoeing, to name just a few. You will be blown away by forests as far as the eye can see, majestic mountains all around and crystalline lake waters throughout.

Also, there are festivals and events aplenty in the Laurentians. Music, dance and theatre lovers can pulsate to the beat of numerous celebrations and discover the creative universe where artists from here and away have found their muse. When it comes to physical activity, an abundance of major events featuring an impressive variety of sports disciplines take place against the Laurentian backdrop. While you’re at it, you can tilt for the irresistible local cuisine. Inaugurated on October 1, 2010, the Laurentians’ “Chemin du Terroir,” is a signposted trail that takes you through more than 226 kilometres of country backroads and byways, with discoveries to be made at every turn. Be sure to wend your way through the Lower Laurentians and Argenteuil via a route that changes dramatically with the seasons.
Real estate activity in this region has grown by leaps and bounds for several years now. You can find an affordable home in the form of new construction or a shovel-ready lot, both in town or in the country. There are more and more buyers converging on the Laurentians, and for good reason. There’s the quality of life, for one thing, but also the proximity to Montreal, the size of the lots and the peace and quiet everywhere. The quaint village of Saint-Sauveur, only 45 minutes away from the big city, is reputed for its alpine valley nestled among mountains and lakes. An authentically charming village, Saint-Sauveur features a huge choice of leisure and cultural activities. The town is also known as one of the greatest places for night skiing. The water park is also a must for a cooling dip. As for the Mont-Tremblant resort, which plays host to avid skiers, conventioneers and blackjack players, it definitely has something for everyone.

Renowned for the beauty of their soothing woods, the variety of leisure activities for all seasons and their outstanding quality of life, the Laurentians are the go-to place for a unique, authentic living environment.