Discover Val-Joli, the pretty valley of Quebec

December 14th, 2018

There’s more to this pretty valley than meets the eye … Wrapped around the banks of the St. Francis River, the municipality of Val-Joli offers an idyllic living environment, to explore a haven of peace, quiet, and nature in Quebec.

Pretty as a picture

If you’ve been longing to surround yourself with total serenity in a beautiful, enchanting natural environment, then the charming municipality of Val-Joli will surely steal your heart.

Val-Joli benefits from the full range of seasons: green in the summer, white in the winter, every color of the rainbow in between, in fall and spring. To find this magical lands, take Route 249 to the heart of Val-Saint-Francois Regional County, where you’ll encounter 90 km of rich agricultural lands. In truth, 80% of the territory is a forest. As a result, each stroll in the open air is a meditative experience, only adding to the mystical charm of Val-Joli.

Though very rural and secluded, Val-Joli has found a way to support industry and business, alongside a property market that offers bucolic-style homes dispersed in the sweet embrace of nature. A plus, these residences are more than affordable, especially for the peace of mind they guarantee.

The art of living off the grid

The atmosphere in Val-Joli is calm and intimate, the kind that promotes solitude and introspection. It’s a luxury, to buy a second home in Val-Joli, the heart of a purely natural environment, with little to no distractions.

The population is mostly French-speaking (around 98%!) and comprised of approximately 1,500 residents. Rest assured, noisy neighbors are a non-factor in Val-Joli.

In 1991, Val-Joli officially cut ties with the Eastern Township administrative region, a predominantly touristic area. Despite this, a close association has remained, as it is located approximately 30 minutes away o the dynamic town of Sherbrooke, where you’ll find a number of high-end residences and investment properties, as well as urban amenities and a number of festivals and outdoor and cultural activities that attract a seasonal crowd.

No matter the time of year, many love to visit the Plantations Stephane Perreault, an 850-acre agricultural estate in the nearby town Windsor. A joyous excursion, the whole family is invited to explore its farm and kiosk in an old bar, pick strawberries in the summer and pumpkins and squash in the fall. And a short while after the first snowfall, the grounds become a Winter Wonderland where you choose a magnificent Christmas tree to go home with you.

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Photo Crédit: Wikimedia Commons