Côte-Nord: nature and abundance. With a scenery dotted with natural elements reminiscent of several Quebec regions, you can easily see the Côte-Nord landscape as something of a mosaic. From Tadoussac to Blanc-Sablon, and from Schefferville to Anticosti Island and the Mingan Reserve, the region has six county municipalities and is the second-biggest region in Quebec.

Innu and Naskapi people, descendants of those whose first presence on the territory can be traced back almost 9,000 years, still reside on their native land. In fact, there are ten native reserves in the Côte-Nord territory. History buffs will be thrilled to discover these cultures, not to mention the 1,400 archaeological sites strewn across this Quebec region.

Côte-Nord’s economy is based mainly on major raw and secondary material industries, while the Lower North Shore specializes in tourism and fishing. The latter stretches over more than 400 km of St. Lawrence River coastline, from the estuary to the gulf, and offers impressive views of the majestic landscape.
Naturally, you owe it to yourself to discover everything Côte-Nord has to offer, such as snowmobiling, skiing, snowshoeing, dogsledding, outfitters, Jardin des glaciers (Glacier Garden), large dams and industrial tours, Anticosti Island, Mingan Archipelago and northern lights, not to mention visits of the Lower North Shore, Tadoussac and, of course, the Whale Route. Indeed, the latter is part and parcel of Côte-Nord. It is certainly the gateway to Côte-Nord, situated only 475 km from Montreal and 215 km from Quebec City. The city, which was visited by none other than Jacques Cartier in 1535, is where the Whale Route starts, and it features one of the most beautiful bays in the world. This region of Quebec has been recognized by UNESCO and is considered to be one of the top five whale-watching destinations in the world. In Sept-Rivières, whose main city is Sept-Îles, you will find a rich abundance of natural resources, coursing waterways and boreal forest.

It goes without saying that Côte-Nord’s raw beauty is unparallelled