A cosmopolitan city

The Island of Montreal rises where the Ottawa River flows into the St. Lawrence, in southwestern Quebec.

The Island of Montreal rises where the Ottawa River flows into the St. Lawrence, in southwestern Quebec. Celebrating its 375th anniversary in 2017, the city of Montreal is often characterized as North America’s most dynamic historical and cultural metropolis. Built on a dual culture of French- and English-speakers, the city is nevertheless home to people from around the world.

As Canada’s second-largest city and a true economic capital, Montreal is also a major financial centre. Featuring a thriving industrial sector, Montreal is also a world-class port city. But the city’s claim to fame remains the fact that it moves to the beat of the many festivals and activities it proposes year-round. The Place des Festivals, is the focal point of the entertainment quarter, the Quartier des Spectacles, which was in fact set up to give pedestrians free rein and enjoy outdoor stages during the city’s world-renowned events. Among them, let’s just mention the Festival international de Jazz, the Festival Accès Asie, the Francofolies de Montréal and the Festival international des Nuits d’Afrique, along with a host of others that are added every year. For sports aficionados, major league hockey, soccer and football teams representing the city provide all the thrills a true fan could want.

Without a doubt, Montreal combines all the attributes an urban centre needs to provide a full gamut of services and diversions. Take a stroll through the downtown area, easily accessible by public transport, and be sure to tempt your taste buds in one of the countless top-rated restaurants.

On the southern edge of the island, the Vieux-Montréal, the city’s officially acknowledged old quarter, is rich with a variety of points of historical interest and the city’s oldest buildings. Since it was founded, Montreal has progressed through a number of changing architectural styles. The city has retained elements of its French past, in addition to its later British and American influences, resulting in the international style we now know.

Montreal boasts a large quantity of parks and green spaces. They occupy some 6% of the city’s surface area and play host to an appreciative crowd of walkers and cyclists. During the summer, you can enjoy a picnic lunch by a fountain in any of a multitude of parks. In the winter, why not enjoy a brisk skate in the family-friendly atmosphere of a local ice rink?
Montreal’s world-renowned underground city, with some 30 kilometres of subterranean pedestrian walkways, gives you sheltered access to hundreds of stores, restaurants and boutiques, as well as the Métro. You can engage in all of your urban activities and outings away from the rigours of winter.

Montreal boasts an exceptional quality of life on so many levels. The real estate market remains affordable, and prices are consistently 20% lower than in Toronto or Vancouver. And no one can deny that the streets are safe, even at night. According to a host of studies, the Quebec metropolis and its renowned universities has been found to be the best city in the world for students. Montreal is also a champion of diversity in hiring.

Known worldwide for its openness and cultural vitality, Montreal will not only delight you but also regale you with some excellent moments in a rich and diverse living environment.