Jonathan Assouline

Jonathan Assouline

Residential Real Estate Broker

A born and bred Montrealer, Jonathan lives, eats and breathes the city’s pulse daily. With a passion for real estate, business and design, Jonathan has been a trusted advisor representing both buyers and sellers in Montreal’s vibrant real estate market.

With a degree in finance, Jonathan has knowledge extending past traditional advisors. By understanding the mathematics behind real estate, Jonathan is able to help buyers understand the stringent financing requirements while helping sellers understand how to price their properties to target the largest pool of buyers.

Although Jonathan prefers to work with a small pool of exclusive clients, he has been able to win multiple public accolades including winning the top producing independent broker awards year after year. Jonathan is motivated by his belief that a great broker is first and foremost a trustworthy individual that can service any and all of his clients real estate needs with excellence.

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Jonathan Assouline

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