Buy a family residence in Blainville, Quebec

December 14th, 2018

City or countryside? Can’t commit? Fear not, we’ve found an ideal middle ground where you and your family can comfortably settle down. Nestled between the city of Montreal and the Laurentians region, the suburb of Blainville offers beautiful residences in a pleasant living environment with access to the best of both worlds.

Find your happy medium

Situated “off-island” in the Thérèse-De Blainville Regional County Municipality, this dynamic, residential town sits at the foot of the Laurentians mountains, just 25 km (16 miles) away from the big city of Montreal. Blainville welcomes all those who can’t – or simply won’t – decide.

Renowned for its family-friendly atmosphere, high-quality infrastructure, facilities, and public transportation (Blainville Commuter Rail) as well as its immaculately maintained streets and parks, Blainville is a breath of fresh air between nature and a major metropolis, with 40% of its area dedicated to green spaces and recreational centers.

Its advantageous geographic position supports a high quality of life in which residents feel and heard. The municipal council is very involved and responsive, respecting the town’s creed: To defend its rights in honors. This applies not only to its citizens but to their homes and the natural environments in which they’re housed. It’s no wonder that, in 2014, MoneySense magazine ranked Blainville the “Most Enjoyable City to Raise a Family” in Canada.

Even more, the real estate market in Blainville is a dream for big families. Many high-end houses for sale benefit from recent construction or renovation and offer generous amounts of surface area and plot size, approximately 5 bedrooms, the latest technology, modern comforts, and luxury amenities such as spacious garages and heated swimming pools. These types of properties can be found in upscale residential communities or near golf courses, completely secure yet free to embrace the great outdoors. BARNES Quebec would like to help you find a home that meets the needs of each and every member of your family.

A new kind of frontier

Like many regions in Quebec, Blainville benefits from a rich historical heritage. In the 17th century, it became a bedrock of the “New France” settlement for seigneurs or lords and other elite society members. Today, the French-speaking town carries the same gentility, matched by a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The idyllic setting warms the hearts of nature enthusiasts, especially flower lovers. The streets of Blainville are picturesque and lined with the city’s magnificent floral emblem: the Rudbeckia, a wild flower with the cheerful look of a daisy that’s sure to brighten any passerby’s day.

To pick up the pace, hop on wheels and discover the Route Verte, 7.4 km of cycle path out of the total of 50 km throughout town. That’s not the only way to work up a sweat. Blainville is known for its sports events at the Le Fontainebleau Golf Course and Le Vallee du Richelieu Golf Club, both of which hosted the Montreal Championship.

Purveyors of arts and culture, Blainville offers many exciting of cultural activities throughout the year, from outdoor film nights to engaging exhibitions. To experience the community’s convivial spirit in full, visit any one – or all – of the following festivals: Blainville en Fête, the Winter Festival, Fête in the Park, the Arts & Crafts Salon, and Blainville en Chansons.

For an active and culturally rich life, straddled between city and nature, contact BARNES Quebec to buy the family residence of your dreams.