Dreaming of a home in Le Plateau-Mont-Royal

April 20th, 2018

Overlooking the city of Montreal is one of the chicest residential boroughs in Quebec. Le Plateau, for short, has all the pros of city life with zero of the cons. We want to show you around Le Plateau-Mont-Royal.

A neighborhood of the arts

In the 19th century, Le Plateau-Mont-Royal was a working-class neighborhood. However, in the 1940s, it shot to the center of Montreals cultural and intellectual heritage.

Today, the neighborhood is known for its artists and creatives. Its streets are full of dancers, musicians, and other students of the arts. Le Plateau is a bastion of art schools, theatres, recording and art studios. You can find the French-language Conservatoire de musique et d’art dramatique du Québec, the National Theatre School of Canada, the huge dance company Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal (GBCM), and a number of concert halls on Le Plateau.

Living on Le Plateau

If you want to buy a residence in Montreal, but are not exactly sure where, then consider this: Le Plateau offers an exceptional living environment. Buying an apartment or house in this residential area comes with many advantages.

The borough is a quiet and peaceful area benefiting from its proximity to the city center. Public transportation is optimal, with 3 metro stations. Having the option of leaving your car in the garage for a few days will come in handy, especially when the roads are blockaded with snow. More and more, Quebecers are supporting campaigns to keep the city clean, with limited congestion and absolutely no pollution. Bikers are more than welcome on Le Plateau, as bike paths increasingly become a fixture of the cityscape.

Living in a city surrounded by fresh air and greenery is a great way to stay inspired and in a good mood. The parks and green spaces – including La Fontaine Parkon Le Plateau are some of the largest in Montreal. There are smaller parks and community gardens that enjoyed by locals in the know and their four-legged companions. When the weather is nice, families head to the shores of the ponds to barbecue with friends. In the winter, dust off your ice skates and glide on the lake of La Fontaine Park.

All about architecture

The Victorian houses along St. Louis Square are majestic. Everything about them – from the turrets to the columns to the historical brick facades – is enchanting. Hundred-year-old-trees create archways over wide avenues. Houses with typical Montreal staircases become atypical in color (blues, violets, reds, etc.), brightening the quiet streets and giving a whimsical touch to Le Plateau. To buy a house on Le Plateau-Mont-Royal is to give in to love at first sight. The borough’s beautiful architecture is sure to put your heart to the test.

The neighborhood is not only residential. Locals have access to nearby restaurants, bars, grocery stores, bookstores, etc. The go-to shopping streets are Saint-Denis Street, Mont-Royal Avenue, and Saint-Laurent Boulevard. It’s also nice to stroll around the more intimate Laurier and Duluth Street(s) and discover charming shops and cozy cafes.

Community spirit

Le Plateau-Mont-Royal possesses the highest population density in Montreal and is the cultural reference point. The borough is very in-demand and has the real estate prices to match. The atmosphere is high-spirited and the residents friendly and energetic, which we can only attribute to the community’s dedication to the arts. At its core, Le Plateau is a neighborhood with open arms. Residents aren’t afraid to get know each other and lend a helping hand when necessary.

Between tranquility and liveliness, you won’t have to choose in Le Plateau-Mont-Royal.