Buy property in the village of Eastman, Quebec

October 17th, 2018

In the wild heart of Quebec lies a place so charming, so intimate, and so livable. Part-time or full-time, the intimate French-speaking village of Eastman answers the call of a retreat to nature.  

Laying down roots in Eastman

Buying property in Eastman, a municipality of the Memphrémagog Regional County in the Estrie region of the Eastern Townships, is a particularly special investment for the horticulturist, but also lovers of fresh air and admirers of beautiful greenery.

Established in the 18th century, this arcadian village is by no means petite (approx. 70 km2), though it affords its residents an unparalleled serenity with a recorded population of only 1,740 (2011). Its exact coordinates will take you to the western edge of the majestic Mont Orford, an exciting mountain and ski resort, around 100 km from Montreal, where high-end properties are surrounded by enchanting forests.

Luxury real estate in Eastman, Quebec has opened a market for beautiful properties in the heart of nature: exceptional villas surrounded by scenic mountains, contemporary-design bungalows hidden in the middle of the woods, and cottage-style chalet on the banks of lakes. Most residences have been built to include all the modern comforts in the depths of an untouched natural environment. A little tip: Have no fear of the wildlife; animals are our friends.

Whatever your objective, acquiring a secondary home in Eastman will give you the ability to offer your family a getaway in sun or snow, in a rural paradise of Quebec.

For friends of nature

The village of Eastman is paradise for nature lovers with a folklore spirit. The terrain is mountainous, especially to the east where the magnificent Mont Orford is situated, with 4 major lakes – Silver Lake, Orford Lake, Parker Lake, and Stukely Lake – and a number of rivers. As you can imagine, winters are for spiking as summer and spring are for hiking, biking, and kayaking as a result of a full four seasons and varied landscape.

It comes as no surprise that a house in the countryside of Eastman requires a respect for nature. In exchange, you are given unlimited access to a peaceful sanctuary. The village is also known for its selection of spas par excellence; for example, Spa Eastman was rated “The Best Spa in Canada” by a prominent wellness-travel publication for its dedication to fitness, nutrition, mind, spirit, and environmental sustainability. That’s what we call the total package.

In terms of arts and culture, Eastman offers a number of outdoor cultural activities: a heritage trail to explore on foot or bike, the Sentier Louise Portal, and the Cabaret Eastman, a lively performing arts theater frequented by local artists.

As you might have already guessed, Eastman is an agricultural town, which is to say it provides its privileged residents and visitors with fresh regional products. You are invited to have a taste of the local fare at Les Trois Grâces, the village’s go-to café; Serres Simard, the village’s go-to supermarket; the Boulangerie Dora, the village’s go-to bakery; Au Boucanier, the village’s go-to butcher shop; and Avelines, the village’s go-to chocolatier.

It’s the simple life, made even simpler. Find your ideal property in Eastman with BARNES Quebec.