Live in the chic suburb of Westmount, Montreal

March 14th, 2019

To live like Canadian royalty is to live in Westmount, a place where the residences resemble grand manors and palatial apartments. These real estate properties are prestigious and highly sought-after, much like those of the Triangle d’Or in Paris, or Kensington-Knightsbridge in London, making Westmount a smart market to invest in Montreal.

First thing’s first, the following question is a hot debate: Is Westmount a city or a neighborhood? Long story short, Westmount is indeed a city in Quebec. However, as an enclave of Montreal, it’s often considered a neighborhood.

In any case, Westmount is a delightful little suburb and home to a superb selection of properties that reflect the richness of Canada. Geographically speaking, Westmount benefits from an exclusive location west of Mount Royal, with an area of only 4 km2 (1.54 mi2). Its wide avenues are lined with prestigious and luxurious residences. The houses are very elegant and imposing, some even look like real chateaus, and the apartments are every bit as nice.

Westmount is the residential area of choice for Montreal’s well-to-do population; its residents are among the wealthiest in Canada. They appreciate its big green spaces and beautiful parks. With an enchanting urban forestry in the middle of the city, it’s no wonder Westmount is nicknamed “La Ville Jardin.”

Roads are exquisitely lined with trees (which totals over 11,000). The architecture is very beautiful, boasting English Tudor Revival and Victorian styles. Its pretty streets and avenues have a typical Canadian-English charm, with lovely boutiques and art galleries, welcoming tea rooms and fashionable restaurants.

Here are just a few of our favorite places: Greene Avenue and Victoria Avenue are the top shopping streets in Westmount; the Westmount Square with its exceptionally sleek and modern buildings built by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, including 2 mirrored towers dedicated to luxury residences and a shopping center; then there’s the sublime Westmount Park that makes residents and visitors feel like they are in the middle of the countryside.  

There are about 20,000 residents living in this ultra-chic suburb of Montreal, including some well-known personalities (of course, we won’t name names). It’s not unusual that, while walking your pup, you’ll cross paths with former ministers, billionaires (millionaires, too), race car drivers and singers that are known on the world stage.

Westmount is mostly English-speaking, but today it’s estimated that more than 75% of residents speak both English and French. This topic is very important and intriguing to potential residents planning to move from abroad. Rest assured, there are very good anglophone and francophone schools in the area: Dawson College, Selwyn House School, and Villa Sainte-Marcelline.

Whether you speak English or French, if you’re looking to buy an exceptional property in an elegant neighborhood with a rustic air, then look no further: Welcome to Westmount.