Live the good life in Outremont

March 14th, 2019

Back in the 19th century, you had to pass through Mount Royal (by wagon or on foot) to get to the north side of Montreal, where the lovely little town of Outremont. Ideally located, Outremont borders the city center and is surrounded by Le Plateau-Mont-Royal and Mile End.

This borough of Montreal is a small, quiet and peaceful residential paradise. Over the past 40 years, Outremont has come to be considered one of the island’s most attractive and elegant areas. It’s also one of the smallest, measuring at just about 3.84 km2 (1.49 mi2). Like its neighbor Westmount, Outremont is another ritzy neighborhood with an abundance of green spaces – approximately 25 parks and thousands of trees – but the population of Outremont falls more on the French-speaking side.

Take a stroll on its big and beautiful tree-lined paths to see opulent houses charmingly draped in overgrown vines and fronted with beautifully manicured gardens. The atmosphere in the neighborhood is upbeat and its residents more than hospitable. In Outremont, walking is the most fashionable mode of transportation because you can get everywhere by foot. So it’s possible to live without a car if you wish. On the lively avenues of Laurier Ouest, Bernard, and Van Horne, you’ll come across neighborhood shops, delicious bakeries, cafes, restaurants, and flowery terraces blooming in the springtime. The Outremont Theatre is also a high point of Montreal cultural life.

Outremont is a favorite among affluent families. Partly because it is home to the city’s most famous schools. Stanislas College, for example, is a hotspot for the children of French and European expatriates. The nearby Université de Montréal-Polytechnique-HEC only adds value to the quality of life in Outremont.

Buyers are particularly interested in the area. The real estate market in Outremont is very active and, as a result, thriving. Most residents live in either single-family homes or condominiums. This French-speaking neighborhood offers sumptuous mansions and hôtels particuliers set in rows, giving the city a certain cachet. Other residents enjoy living in elegant condos distinguished by its imposing red-stone architecture. The apartments are large and luxurious.

The resident of Outremont wouldn’t trade their borough for anything in the world. Whether it’s a house or apartment, it’ll be a lifetime of happiness.