Quebec, the new El Dorado for French people wishing to expatriate

December 19th, 2019

Head north, all! After dreaming longily of the United States as a new home, French expatriates have started in a new direction for several years now. Canada, and particularly Quebec, is the new coveted destination for French and French-speaking entrepreneurs, investors and families. It must be said that this immense country has many attractions: accessible real estate, dynamic economy and investments, good quality of life … This is surely why 1 in 4 Canadians is an immigrant. So don’t lose the opportunity of the North, go there too!

Quebec, a dynamic job market

Do you speak French? Consider this a real asset in Quebec, a region very fond of bilingual profiles. This is among several reasons why the number of French people registered in the Quebec City registers has almost doubled since 2005. In June 2019, 12,514 French people residing in the Quebec constituency were registered in the French consular registry, established outside of France, according to figures from the French Consulate. They represent 12.6% of the total number of French people residing in Canada… Other, less official figures, speak of nearly 4,000 French people who, eager to try their luck in the maple leaf country, would take a one-way trip to Canada. Quebec is in real demand for French-speaking immigrants and offers a large number of job offers specifically reserved for this type of person.

The Quebec real estate market is booming

For those who wish to diversify their assets by investing in foreign real estate for rental investment, note that, on average, an operation carried out in the cities of Quebec or Montreal earns between 5% and 6% per year.

Good news, rental demand is very dynamic thanks to low unemployment and sustained economic activity, not to mention the large Canadian population. Another factor supporting the growth of the real estate market is the construction of new housing which has soared in recent years; some new luxury programs in the city center reach 7,000 Euros per m2, never seen before. In concrete terms, the APCIQ – the Professional Association of Real Estate Brokers of Quebec – speaks of an annual increase in the price of a “single family” (house) and a “condo” (apartment), respectively, of 5% to 182,500 euros and 4% to 139,000 euros.

Quebec’s quality of life, a reality

Aside from the great career dreams of many French people, Quebec life also brings a real sweetness of life (despite the occasional cold temperatures). Canada and the province of Quebec in particular regularly rank at the top of the quality of life charts.

Quebec also ranks 12th in the world for the Human Development Index when it comes to the elements that define the level of prosperity and well-being of the population, such as education, access to healthcare. health, safety, nature and work-family balance.

Finally, remember (although you probably already know) that Canada is a federal, democratic and peaceful state.

So, after the American dream…comes the Canadian dream?