Buy a family residence on the enchanting grounds of Mascouche, Quebec

August 23rd, 2018

There are few things in life better than coming home to a happy family. Unless you’re returning to a happy family in a beautiful house surrounded by the warm embrace of nature in the city of Mascouche, a French-speaking residential suburb of Montreal.

Make a home in Mascouche, near Montreal

When deciding where to buy a residence in Quebec, you will be faced with a slew of desirable options. Many new families decide to lay down roots in Mascouche, a haven of peace and quiet located in the natural paradise of the Lanaudière region. Situated along the Mascouche River, this pleasant suburb is known for its bucolic environment and has all the means to offers its residents a high quality of life in proximity to a major metropolis, like Montreal.

If you were expecting a selection of camping-style residences, complete with an outdoor fireplace, then we’re sorry to disappoint you. The real estate market in Mascouche is experiencing a surge of new construction: sleek modern-design cottages and bungalows on manicured lawn plots, often equipped with 3 or more bedrooms, a summer kitchen, veranda, and even an atelier if you’re feeling handy. Single-family homes on spacious lots are also a popular sale. These high-end residences are typically located on quiet streets in safe residential developments, where the atmosphere is warm and intimate, and neighbors friendly and open.

Ideal for a growing family, Mascouche offers a setting where children grow up becoming lifelong friends with the neighborhood kids, going to the same excellent schools, alternating lawns for after-school playdates, and making a lifetime worth of memories.  

Respect for family, nature, and well-being

To buy a family residence in Mascouche is to own a beautiful piece of land in Les Moulins Regional County Municipality (MRC). It’s also to become 1 of nearly 45,000 residents who love the smell of the outdoors just as much as you do.

Residents of Mascouche are delighted to share their home territory with many exceptional parks, including the Parc du Grand-Coteau, a huge urban green zone, located in the center of the city, that’s just as big as the famous Mont-Royal park. The whole family can enjoy weekends exploring bike paths, hiking trails, an enchanting lake to skate on in the winter, and a splash pad to cool off in the summer. The exquisite Jardin Moore is another popular place to stretch your legs and surround yourself with natural beauty; visitors are invited to discover sustainable agriculture practices in a whole new light.

Since Mascouche is situated in the heart of the Lanaudière region, residents don’t hesitate to spend off-time discovering the surrounding land. There are a number of fun attractions in the nearby suburb of Terrebonne, like the popular riverfront park on Iles de Moulins, with its museum, trails, and seemingly endless amount of green space and prime picnics spots.

If you do get tired of the green scene, Mascouche is also well-connected with quick, easy, and direct access to Montreal via autoroutes (640 and 25), as well as the Mascouche station, which services a commuter rail that takes passengers straight to Montreal Central Station. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to book round-trips.

All sorted? Contact BARNES Quebec to find the family residence of your dreams in Mascouche.