Buy property in Saint-Lazare

July 10th, 2018

The search for happiness is profound. The Beatles offered a simple remedy: All you need is love. But at BARNES Quebec, we have a weakness for specifics, and would make a few additions to the tune: All you need is love … family, nature, a warm bed and a roof over your head. Which is exactly what you’ll find in the charming city of Saint-Lazare.

Live in a harmonious community

A life of simple pleasures awaits you in the picturesque town of Saint-Lazare-de-Vaudreuil. Since the 1990s, there has been a steady trend of upper-middle-class migration from the congestion of the city to the fresh air of these woody backfields in southwestern Quebec. Today this rural suburb, just a short ways from the bright lights of the city of Montreal, welcomes both big and small families looking for more space and bigger real estate in a calm environment.

To buy a house in Saint-Lazare is to take up residence in a quiet, peaceful, and idyllic setting. There’s an unofficial no-fuss policy. To comply, the real estate market in Saint-Lazare is relaxed, offering a range of exceptional properties for very attractive prices. Charming brick houses topped with a series of pointy roofs on green landscaped lawns, sprinkled with colorful gardens, is a favorite of growing families. As a passion project, old farmhouses on largely wooded plots can be renovated into the ranch of your childhood dreams. Many of the bigger properties come with forest area and equestrian domains, which is perfect for turning your daughter’s My Little Pony obsession into a collection of first-place blue ribbons.

Despite its spacious dimensions (66.62 km2, 25.72 mi2 of land area), the atmosphere in Saint-Lazare is warm and intimate. To live in Saint Lazare is to live in a community of comradery. Though property areas are large – certainly much larger than anything you’ll find in Montreal, and at a much better value – neighbors expect the daily hello or bonjour. Saint-Lazare is an ideal place to raise a family not only because of this sense of community but also because it’s a bilingual city, an invaluable asset to the future success of any child. Education in Saint-Lazare follows suit with an excellent selection of French-speaking, led by the Commision Scolaire des Trois-Lacs, and English-speaking institutions, run by Lester B. Pearson School Board.

A town rooted in nature

Becoming a homeowner in Saint-Lazare is like becoming a member of a privileged society club, in which everyone’s voice is heard and appreciated. Residents of Saint-Lazare enjoy a relaxed lifestyle, taking every day with ease. This stress-free way of life is largely attributed to the foresight of the very active town council, the leaders of which welcome comments, questions, concerns, and suggestions from residents with open ears.

For example, the council is very serious about nurturing the environment and has declared an Arbour Day to dispense free seeds to residents, in order to continue the city’s growth. Saint-Lazare also hosts many recreational projects, beautiful playgrounds, and parks. On weekends, neighbors catch up at the farmer’s market or at Bedard Park, located in the center of town. It’s quite popular in the summer for its water park and, in the winter, for its hockey rink. Those who want to work up a sweat head to Le Park Nature Les Forestiers de Saint-Lazare to take on its hiking trails and cool off in the swimming pool, and in the winter, snow bunnies fall head over heels for its cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

Saint-Lazare is dotted with many ATV fields, gyms, rinks, and all kinds of turfs run by local sports associations. However, there is no doubt that the town’s sport of choice is horse riding. The area’s numerous trails give the impression that it was specially paved for you and your beloved four-legged companion. With a horse population of around 3,5000, it’s safe to say that man’s best friend has officially been replaced in Saint-Lazare.

At any given moment, Saint-Lazare has a number of exciting cultural activities, sports events, and festivals going on for the whole community to enjoy. Like we said, Saint-Lazare has everything you need.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia