Discover the exceptional Estrie of the Eastern Townships

September 25th, 2018

As one of the most desirable territories in Quebec, the exceptional region of the Estrie, also known as an important part of the larger Eastern Townships administrative district, is revered for its breathtaking views of the landscape, peaceful living environment, and beautiful wine country in the heart of nature.

Living in the Eastern Townships

In this corner of Quebec, you will find a true countryside of fertile soils, farms, orchards, rolling hills, mountains, hundreds of lakes, dotted with charming cottages and chalets. Well-connected, the Estrie is approximately 2 hours away from Montreal by car, around 230 kilometers south of Quebec City, and shares a border (300 kilometers) with the US.

No question about it, the property market in the Eastern Townships is booming. Attracted to fresh air, big and beautiful open spaces, interesting property prices, business and professional opportunities, as well as an idyllic and unique living environment, the number of buyers and transactions in the Estrie has taken off.

It’s not unusual to find warm and cozy family houses with 3 to 5 bedrooms situated on a quiet street in the heart of nature in the Estrie. Interested buyers can count on a beautiful combination of wood and granite materials, a solarium to maximize the summer sun, and a crackling fireplace to combat the winter chill. Many high-end properties in the Estrie, especially in the affluent city of Sherbrooke, are also equipped with the modern luxuries, such as heated floors and swimming pools, spas and saunas, as well as large balconies overlooking the land.

The Vitality of Village Life

To buy a residence in the Estrie is to make a home in one of several villages selected to the association The Most Beautiful Villages of Quebec. Active yet peaceful, the villages of the Estrie are a biker’s paradise, with numerous cycling routes and bike paths to explore. Hikers have also found their heaven and happily strap on their boots to take on hundreds of kilometers of trails throughout the picturesque region. The Estrie region possesses a historic nature, scattered with heritage sites such as the Moulin à Laine, a famous wool mill in Ulverton, the Railway Museum in Waterloo, and the English Tea Route in Cookshire. For a trip back in time, try your footing on the Townships Trail (430 kilometers!) to discover 2 centuries of rural history and the most incredible panoramas of Victorian houses, antique barn, and sublime nature. You’ll see green and even more greens, making this area and its 20+ golf courses a utopia for golf enthusiasts as well. Since the Eastern Townships is home to some of the highest peaks, winter is a race at conquer the many ski trails and slopes in the surrounding area.

Open for Business All Year

In the Estrie, there is no such thing as an off-season. Thanks to the varied and diverse geography, the region’s 4 national parks offer a wide range of exciting activities throughout the entire year. The mountains thrill both skiers and those who like to spend summers in charming cottages and winters in traditional chalets. The beautiful and fertile terroir of the Estrie makes it a popular agritourism destination. This includes but is not exclusive to local cuisine made with fresh regional products and delightful wine routes. Although the Estrie is home to more than 22 vineyards, our favorite is the Brome-Missisquoi Wine Route, which offers 140 kilometers of spectacular scenery.  

As a result, the economic life of the Estrie continues to thrive and has no plans of slowing down – and you shouldn’t either! So step on it, discover the Estrie region with BARNES Quebec.Contact BARNES Quebec to buy, sell, or rent property in the Estrie region.

Photo Credit: mabi2000