The Estrie

The Estrie

Our latest wine country

The Estrie is the official name of the administrative region known as the Eastern Townships.

Less than an hour from Montreal and starting only 120 kilometres south of Quebec City, the Eastern Townships share a 300-kilometre border with the U.S. The way to tour the Eastern Townships is to take the time to stop and admire the quaint landscapes and breathtaking views. Fertile soils, rolling hills, towering mountains and the wild splendour of hundreds of lakes make the Townships one of Quebec’s most desirable territories, most appreciated today by cottagers and tourists alike.

In this area, you can visit several villages belonging to an association called The Most Beautiful Villages of Quebec. For cycling enthusiasts, a number of cycling routes on roads and bike paths will have something for all lovers of the great outdoors. Hikers will also be delighted with hundreds of kilometres of trails mapped out through several picturesque national parks. As for golfers, they have their choice of some twenty superb golf courses.

Open year-round, the region’s four national parks offer a full range of activities. The area’s larger mountains, renowned for both skiing and summertime cottaging, will enchant you in weather hot or cold. The region is Quebec’s leader when it comes to the economic vitality of its communities. Agrotourism and fine local cuisine are the hallmarks of the Townships. Follow either of the Wine Routes to fill your senses with a gourmet excursion. The Eastern Townships are without a doubt among the most varied municipalities of Quebec in terms of the sheer variety of farm products they grow.

If you take a drive along the 140-km Brome-Missisquoi Wine Route, you’ll see some of Quebec’s most beautiful and picturesque villages. There are also 22 vineyards—no two the same. Let the Townships Trail be your guide as you travel back through two centuries of history in the footsteps of American Revolutionaries, United Empire Loyalists, and Irish or Scottish immigrants. The Townships Trail is 430 kilometres of country roads overlooking breathtaking panoramas. Do stop and visit some of its heritage centres: the Moulin à laine (wool mill) in Ulverton, the Railway Museum in Waterloo, the English Tea Route or the John-Henry Pope house of culture in Cookshire.

The real estate market in the Townships is in a boom period. Yes, the wide-open spaces, the favourable economic and political climate, and easy access to property ownership are attracting many avid buyers, and the number of interested parties has been growing for the past few years. With countless innovative businesses and agencies addressing every need of the population, the Eastern Townships now offer a wealth of job opportunities in a great variety of disciplines.

If you’re looking for a way to balance your professional and personal life, and take full advantage of the best nature has to offer, the Eastern Townships are sure to meet your expectations.