Real estate in Mont-Tremblant

December 5th, 2019

Les Laurentides and especially the Mont-Tremblant districts have something magical: this area of ​​exceptional beauty has intact nature and an ideal environment for all kinds of leisure and activities. A real estate investment in the Mont-Tremblant region is the insurance of a good investment in a charming property with a unique character. What can you buy in this area? Why is it a good idea to invest in Mont-Tremblant? Here are some answers.

The real estate market in Mont-Tremblant

The Domaines of the Village, the Forest, the Giant or the Domaine Nansen or the National Park, are full of pretty cottages, charming houses, cozy apartments for sale, or to make a good investment, or to enjoy the sweetness of living in the year. At the threshold of homes, resorts have many restaurants, shops, bars and galleries, but also bike paths, various water activities, hiking trails, etc …

If you intend to buy a cottage for a real estate investment purpose, the location near the ski slopes is a definite plus and of course, a property at the shore of a lake is a must.

A formula that is popular with buyers is that of the condo-hotel, “condotel”. This type of property can be found for units starting at $ 90,000 but the average price in Mont-Tremblant is more around $ 220,000. The principle is simple, the buyer benefits from 10% of the time and rents his good the remaining 90% through a rental company. One of the reasons for the success of this formula is that in the case of the 10-90 ratio, the owner will not pay sales tax at the time of purchase.

Why is it wise to invest in Mont-Tremblant?

Buying real estate in the area is a safe bet for many reasons.

First, because resorts in the region are extremely dynamic and attract many skiers and mountain lovers and board sports throughout the year. The area appeals not only to Canadians but also to an American and European clientele that enjoys the benefit of many facilities that have developed steadily over the years.

In fact, studies generally show that the median selling price of properties located in a ski resort is 10% more expensive than those in the surrounding area or in adjacent towns.

The other advantage of Mont-Tremblant is that it attracts as many buyers who want to live there year-round and who invest for the long term as those who prefer almost immediate yield with rental income potential. The most common case then is the condo-hotel formula with an owner who buys an apartment to rent to vacationers through a management agency.