Rent an apartment in Outremont, Montreal

August 23rd, 2018

It’s no secret, there are many reasons why you might be interested in renting in or around the city of Montreal. Perhaps you want to test the waters, take the temperature, get a feel for the lay of the land. No problem. One of the most popular ways to accomplish this is by renting an apartment in the borough of Outremont, one of the most beautiful residential areas in Quebec.

Stay beyond the mountain in Outremont

We’re warning you, once you enter this beautiful borough, it will be difficult to leave. As its name suggests, Outremont is located “beyond the mountain,” on the northwestern side of Mont Royal and just north of downtown Montreal. Due to the ideal geolocation of this affluent French-speaking neighborhood, renting in Outremont is a good idea for nature lovers and urbanites looking to reside in a quiet residential neighborhood.

Relatively new (est. 2000), with an abundance of green zones and parks (25 parks and thousands of trees!), and the historical heritage on display through its country-style real estate, backed by a bed of urban woods, it is a welcomed breath of fresh air. So much so that test-takers are often very impressed, and put Outremont high on their list of places to buy their future family home. And to plan even further into the future, the selection of excellent academic institution – Stanislas College and Université de Montréal-Polytechnique-HEC. No doubt a worthy investment.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Before making that big life decision, consider a renting spacious apartment in Outremont, with multiple rooms in a modern luxury residential building. Those who prefer a more “classic” style will absolutely adore their stays in refined condominiums beautifully adorned decked in red-stone. In Outremont, rental residences are notorious for leaving no luxury, or amenity, behind. This includes the basics: luxurious swimming pools, spas, gyms, and more.

Sharing is caring in Outremont

A lesson we all learned in kindergarten comes easily to the residents in Outremont: Sharing = caring. This affinity for community principals does not mean that neighbors don’t enjoy the utmost privacy, rather it concerns a shared lifestyle, and one with good taste. Therefore it comes as no surprise that co-op properties are becoming quite popular. Another real estate development happening in Outremont is the new Université de Montréal campus that’s attracting more and more housing units, buyers, investors, and renters.

The borough of Outremont possesses a small-town atmosphere, almost like a village. Neighbors, often on foot, are happy to greet each other on the popular commercial streets – Bernard, Van Horne, and Laurier West – where the shopping is as delightful as the dining. The lifestyle is very European, perhaps thanks to its high population of expatriates. Upscale restaurants, cozy cafes, aromatic bakeries, chic boutiques line lushly treed avenues, setting a pleasant scene for long strolls through the neighborhood.  

Aside from its lifestyle, this part of Montreal is also known to be artistic and culturally rich with many historical references, as one of the first French settlements and the first place in the entire world to use a “snow blower” (points for innovation).

Youth + Innovation = Future. Yours could be in Outremont. Contact BARNES Quebec and rent an apartment in Outremont to see for yourself.

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