Discover the treasures of the Lanaudière region

June 18th, 2018

Situated in the heart of Quebec, this region is reserved for true adventurers, for those who aren’t afraid to swap their dress shoes or high heels for durable boots, but also for those who dream of living in a peaceful natural environment. Even lifelong city-dwellers don’t hesitate to jump ship and dive heart-first into the wild beauty of Lanaudière, with BARNES Quebec as their guide, of course.  

Live in the Heart of Nature

To live in Lanaudière is to live in a beautiful residence on a plot of fertile soil, surrounded by a colorful forest landscape and a rich cultural heritage à la française. In fact, this central administrative region of Quebec was named after the notable De Lanaudière family, descendants of a famous French explorer. The region has come a long way and is now made up of 58 municipalities and 6 regional counties bound by the Saint Lawrence River, the town of Laval, parts of Montreal, and the Laurentians region. There you will find a unique quality of life in a rural area, near all the amenities and conveniences of a major metropolis.  

Lanaudière is a natural paradise, so BARNES Quebec advises buyers interested in living in the middle of the nature to consider a luxury property in Lanaudière. Whether for a principal residence or vacation home, your consultant might suggest a cozy cottage in a forest of changing colors, a contemporary condominium, a private lakeside house, or any number of luxury estates among a diverse terrain of lush forests, mountains, farmland, open fields, wildlife reserves, thousands of lakes speckled with waterfalls, and the soothing sound of chiming winds. Enchanting.

In terms of size, the region is massive, spanning approximately 12,422 km2 (4,796 mi2) of land – a pure delight to those with an explorer’s heart. Here’s a quick tour of the 3 geographical groups in Lanaudière: cities, farm villages, and historical sites are found on the southern plains; full of lakes and an abundance of natural gifts located on the center; lastly, fishing and hiking excursions all over the area.   

Eat, Sleep, Play, Repeat

Lanaudière consists of an assorted ecosystem, the ultimate playground for lovers of the great outdoors in all four seasons.

Living in Lanaudière, even without the hustle and bustle of the city, it’s easy to keep yourself busy with a full schedule. In the winter, strap on those ski boots to discover 4,800 km of snowmobile trails and 275 km of ski trails for all levels at Ski Val Saint-Côme, Ski Garceau, Ski Montcalm, Ski La Reserve, and encounter some of the highest vertical drops north of Montreal.

In the warmer season, change into your hiking boots to discover endless hiking trails and mountain tours through Montagne Noire, the tallest peak in Saint-Donat. Make sure to find the bridge over the Ouareau River, then lose yourself in the enchanting Ouareau forest, and its old pines, flora, and fauna. Before you go, surround yourself in the expansive beauty of the Mont-Tremblant National Park and its breathtaking vistas.

Your daily schedule won’t always depend on the forecast, Lanaudière hosts a number of indoor activities year-round. For example, indulge in a full-body soak at a Nordic spa or one of the many wellness centers in the region.

As for gourmands, the rich agricultural land in Lanaudière that largely support its economy also offers tasting tours in the countryside, where you can sample regional specialties (cheese, chocolate, meat, pies and jams). In particular, we recommend a trip to Vignoble Saint-Gabriel in Saint-Gabriel-de-Brandon, a beautiful winery surrounded by exquisite lavender fields.

Many visit this beautiful region for one reason: Le Festival de Lanaudière, a celebration of culture, classical music, and theater. It’s even bred one of Canada’s best and brightest, the one and only Celine Dion.

It’s a place of vast and varied beauty, where everyday life is a simple as a walk in the park. Let BARNES Quebec help you navigate the treasured terrain of Lanaudière.