BARNES Quebec opens the doors of its new space in Montreal

May 1st, 2019

Every institution needs an HQ. Though BARNES has many offices around the world (currently at 90), the BARNES Quebec real estate agency has decided to open its own hub in one of the most strategic and prestigious districts in Montreal, a beautiful space to meet and exceed the high expectations of demanding clients: Espace BARNES.

A fabulous grand opening was held on February 21, 2019, with the total support of the BARNES international network. Members of the BARNES Quebec team warmly welcomed a crowd of associates, clients, and the media. Other BARNES representatives – such as Thibault de Saint-Vincent, President of BARNES International, Élisabeth Gazay from BARNES Miami, and Christophe Bourreau from BARNES New York – were also in attendance to celebrate this beautiful new beginning.

An artistic legacy

Located on Sherbrooke Street in the Golden Square Mile, Espace BARNES welcomes our privileged clients to a very culturally rich district, with many museums, galleries, and architectural monuments, to discuss their real estate projects.

It comes as no surprise that out of all of Montreal’s beautifully diverse districts, the one that celebrates the arts was chosen for Espace BARNES. With an undeniably chic and cosmopolitan ambiance, it not only serves as a meeting place for our expert professionals to advise clients but also as a sophisticated venue to host beautiful soirees and events.

The space is tastefully designed and decorated, held to the standards of what BARNES luxury real estate offers in Quebec and abroad. Using noble materials and advanced technology, the attention to detail is immaculate and meticulously elaborate for receiving guests, no matter their reason for visiting. Arranged to take care of our clients’ needs with the utmost consideration and discretion, you are invited to meet one-on-one with one of our trusted advisors or attend larger meetings in the conference room.

Providing a range of luxury services

Our clientele, both local and foreign, come to us for assistance with their luxury real estate transactions in the Quebec province, from the urbanscape of Montreal to the natural settings of the Laurentians and Estrie region and others in Québec. Whether that be the acquisition, sale or rental of a primary residence in one of the city’s most affluent neighborhoods or a second home in the great outdoors, BARNES Quebec offers exciting real estate opportunities that match our clients’ wishes.

A reflection of its artistic surroundings, Espace BARNES was constructed in a particular way to showcase local and international artists. And as an initiative of the BARNES Art Advisory, the space is also dedicated to establishing partnerships with galleries and museums in the area, exhibiting a rotation of a wide range of artworks, and introducing clients to new trends in the art world.

Contact BARNES Quebec to schedule an appointment with one of our consultants or come in to admire the current oeuvres on display, the doors of Espace BARNES are open for business.