Why rent in Montreal

March 28th, 2019

The city of Montreal is as big as it is beautiful, as diverse as it is desirable, and as comfortable as it is cost effective. Whether you have temporary business there or just want to test the waters of the big city, here’s why you should consider renting in Montreal.

Mix and match properties to profile

Set along the Saint Lawrence River, Montreal is a vibrant urban landscape that attracts many tourists and visitors, as well as permanent and passing residents. The quality of life is as high as its standard of living, with the freshness of its many green spaces, the dynamism of an economic hub and cultural wealth and diversity of a historical setting. Both English and French-speakers are invited to try out and give “The City of Saints” their blessings.

The options are limitless in the Montreal rental market, as renters are welcomed to experiment with different living environments. As your reasons for needing temporary accommodations may vary, the BARNES Quebec real estate agency, with its vast network of contacts, offers a wide range of luxury properties for a variety of profiles in different boroughs and neighborhoods in and around the city.

It could be a spacious loft in Ville-Marie for the stylish couple who want to live in the heart of the action, a refined family house in the surrounding suburb of Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac for large packs to enjoy a peaceful setting, a glamorous mid-century cottage situated a few steps from downtown for an elegant change of scenery, or a high-end condo in the laid-back borough of Le Plateau-Mont-Royal.

The benefits of renting in Montreal

Renting in Montreal is a superior choice and might even lead to buying your dream house in an ideal neighborhood. The most sought-after neighborhoods are Westmount, Le Plateau-Mont-Royal, Outremont, Mount Royal, and Old Montreal. Use renting as an opportunity to explore your taste in luxury: Will it be an opulent villa in Outremont? Or a fully-serviced apartment with 24/7 security in the heart of the city?

There is no typical renters profile, but the fact that a large number of interested tenants are foreigners reflects the city’s existing cosmopolitan population. BARNES Quebec’s clientele is primarily interested in its proximity to prestigious schools and universities (especially families), large open spaces in a major metropolis, the opportunity to drive and park in a garage, in addition to privacy and discretion in a peaceful environment. A little European city in North America has a certain charm.

If all this isn’t reason enough to try out living in Montreal, then you should know that its future is bright. Our studies show that by 2020, nearly 750,000 job vacancies will be up for the taking. According to a Montreal international organization, companies from all over the world invested a record high amount of 1.35 billion dollars into the city last year.

With a relatively low cost of living, political stability, and good humor, the future of Montreal is nothing short of bright.