Renting in Le Plateau-Mont-Royal

June 4th, 2019

The once bourgeois borough of Le Plateau-Mont-Royal is in the midst of a transformation. Both young and old are invited to discover its chic neighborhoods and pleasant streets as it becomes one of the trendiest places to live in Montreal. But don’t just watch, take part, and rent an apartment on Le Plateau.

Driven by diverse demographics

The arrondissement of Le Plateau-Mont-Royal is situated in the middle of a beautiful urban landscape, with the perfect touch of green spaces attracting a wide variety of interested actors to its real estate market. Ideally located north of the vibrant Downtown Montreal and east of Mont-Royal, this bilingual borough (French and English-speaking) is comprised of a few of the most popular neighborhoods in Montreal: the artistic Mile End to the north and the spirited Le Plateau to the south.

This combination gives Le Plateau-Mont-Royal a certain youthfulness. It’s no wonder that its population’s average age is 34, however, comprised of families and singles, artists, students and young professionals from Quebec and abroad. They are drawn to its good-humored atmosphere, picturesque tree-lined streets, charming cafes and restaurants, classic architecture and elegant Victorian-style residences along St. Louis Square, imposing staircases, and the whimsical colors of windows.

Market expectations

The rental market in Le Plateau-Mont-Royal is extremely dynamic, activated by constant interest thanks to the popularity of its two neighborhoods attracting people who may not be ready to buy yet. In fact, approximately 70% of real estate in Le Plateau-Mont-Royal is occupied by tenants. What may seem like a combat zone is easily navigated with the assistance of the BARNES Quebec real estate agency, which benefits from a large network throughout the entire province, including homeowners seeking to rent out their luxury properties to our privileged clientele. A charming walk-up duplex, a renovated townhouse, or contemporary apartment building, the BARNES Quebec team uses its experience, knowledge, and expertise to find the right accommodations for you.

Community culture

Residents are warm and welcoming. They enjoy a high quality of life and enjoy how exciting Le Plateau-Mont-Royal can be, with no shortage of things to do! The borough also offers peace and quiet in a clean urban environment to stroll or bike safely, and many green spaces for nature lovers and those who like to stay active, such as the large La Fontaine Park (84 acres!). With a rich cultural and intellectual legacy, you’ll find a number of art schools, theaters, art studios, and concert halls, as well as creative institutions such as the Conservatoire de musique et d’art dramatique du Québec, the National Theatre School of Canada, and Les Grand Ballets Canadiens de Montreal (GBCM). And still, the amenities of the major city center are just minutes away!

Le Plateau-Mont-Royal is a place for the modern Québécois way of life. Contact BARNES Quebec to find the perfect rental property for you.