Rent a house in Ville-Marie

July 11th, 2019

The real estate market in Montreal has the wind in its sails! This metropolis of Quebec has already shown steady growth in real estate transactions—especially in its historic heart, the borough of Ville-Marie, renowned for its sweetness of life, major universities (such as McGill and Concordia), and the variety of real estate for sale or rent.

If you’re not quite ready to make a major real estate investment, like buying property in Ville-Marie, renting a house is a wise alternative. Good news! Although there is a large number of new condos and residential developments, almost all neighborhoods offer houses, leaving you with a generous choice of houses for rent in Ville-Marie. They are spread throughout sub-neighborhoods, like the city centre, the business, museum and garden district, along with the Village, to name a few. So the next question is: Which neighborhood should you rent a house in Ville-Marie?

Your first instinct should be to contact a real estate agency that you can trust to handle your real estate project with discretion and a standard of excellence. BARNES Quebec extends its strong knowledge of the real estate market in Montreal and its boroughs, whether for buying or renting. The real estate agency offers its clients a large portfolio of beautiful houses for rent in Ville-Marie, from the most luxurious to the most original.

Towards Shaughnessy Village, you can rent magnificent cottages with generous volumes that can accommodate large families. It’s typical to find a minimum of 3 bedrooms, spacious lounges and large backyards in these types of residences. Another common find: cottages with 5 or more bedrooms for rent. Located in a green setting in the hills of Montreal, this neighborhood offers breathtaking views of the city, surrounded by towering trees.

You can also find Victorian houses and cottages a little further away near the borough of Westmount, set adjacent to Ville-Marie. These beautiful houses enjoy high-end amenities and plenty of space.

In the heart of the city center and closer to Mont-Royal, there are many townhouses for rent. A bit more on the metropolitan side, residences in these areas are nevertheless very pleasant places to live, set on quiet streets and majestic trees. The proximity to shops and the liveliness of the city center can never ruin the innate tranquility of the neighborhood, rather they add to its charm. All throughout the city center there is high-end real estate, oftentimes entirely renovated with prestigious services.

The borough of Ville-Marie offers a wide variety of rental houses in its sub-neighborhoods. To find the one that’s right for you, contact a BARNES Quebec consultant to find your future home sweet home.