Where to live in Montreal

March 14th, 2019

Deciding to live in the dynamic island-city of Montreal is a wise choice. But with over 1.7 million populating an expansive 431 km2, 19 boroughs, and countless neighborhoods, finding the right corner to call home may seem like searching for a needle in a haystack. Have no fear, we want to make it simple for you.  

The boroughs, neighborhoods, and types of properties in Montreal, Quebec are as diverse as its residents. Some are very old, others newly developed, but all have made a name for themselves while maintaining a high quality of life and affordable real estate. Ultimately, it’s up to each buyer, with their unique specificities and criteria, to choose which is right for them. Here are our top picks:

Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, full of grace

Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, located in the borough of Côte-des-Neiges-Notre-Dame-de Grâce, is a bourgeois neighborhood on the western side of the Mont-Royal. NDG, for short, is home to affluent young families who have taken up residence in red-brick semi-detached houses, Anglo-Saxon-style residences, as well as luxury apartments. Along with an excellent selection of academic institutions, this neighborhood is ideal for families with a refined taste.

Le Plateau-Mont-Royal, a little bohemia

The trendy borough of Le Plateau-Mont-Royal had rocky beginnings, but was soon polished over by the artistic and intellectual movements of the 1940s. Today, it offers a high concentration of art(s) schools. In terms of living and lifestyle, there’s a spectrum: charming Victorian townhouses along tree-lined streets and high-end residences fronted with colorful facades, located on the outskirts of town, between nature and the city. Not to mention, Le Plateau offers a delectable selection of fashionable restaurants, bars, and cafes, among murals and gardens. Those with the soul of an artist won’t be able to resist buying a residence in Le Plateau.

Westmount, claim your fortune

The area with the most prestige is without doubt Westmount, a suburb of notable verdure, elegance and wealth. Only 4 km2 in size, it possesses some of Montreal’s most in-demand and luxurious real estate: chateau-like residences and regal apartments with every comfort imaginable, in addition to Victorian and English Tudor-style architecture lining quiet streets. The quality of education is every bit as high. Somewhere between the countryside, a village, and a major city, Westmount’s singular atmosphere attracts a very high-end clientele – will you be next?

Outremont, the total package

Situated in the northern part of Montreal is what we like to call a residential paradise. The quiet borough of Outremont offers the perfect combo: a calm living environment with no shortage of greenery, a taste for the finer things in life, and proximity to the city center, the hip Le Plateau-Mont-Royal, and the artsy Mile End. The housing market is rich in range and quality, from cozy-chic single-family homes and condos to luxury residences embellished in beautiful foliage. You’ll happy to know that Outremont hosts a selection of very prestigious and competitive schools. In short, this borough is for those who want it all, without compromise.

Ville-Marie, the center of everything

At the heart of Montreal is the borough of Ville-Marie. As lively as it is livable, this little city within a city is well-connected and full of historical heritage. Known as the cultural and business center of Montreal, it offers a diverse array of neighborhoods, from Downtown to Le Quartier International, linked by green spaces, quiet alleys, shopping centers, museums, and a village-like charm. Choose from exquisite Victorian houses to majestic skyscrapers, historical apartments to brand new residences. The possibilities are endless in Ville-Marie.