Where to live a life of luxury in Montreal

June 28th, 2019

Live in Montreal for a good life, but live in one of Montreal’s most affluent neighborhoods for a charmed life.

Why Montreal?

Let’s back up for a second. You might be wondering, out of all of the choices in the world, why move to Montreal? For starters, the economic, social, and political climate of Montreal has never been better and more attractive privileged buyers in search of a high-class, laid-back European setting in North America, with charming cafes and idyllic green spaces mixed into an urban backdrop. With 2 tongues, both English and French, Montreal offers a refreshing take on a cosmopolitan city at the center of the world stage.

What’s more, the real estate market in Montreal is a good place to be, thriving at a stable pace as more and more investors begin to take advantage of its massive potential. All of this attention is partially due to the overall boost of development in Montreal, which is happening at full throttle with the arrival of Google and Facebook offices, advances in the technology sector (artificial intelligence), and its consistently high employment rate. As this renewed interest reshapes the cityscape, Montreal elevates its quality of life, moving into the future with new real estate developments in the downtown area while maintaining traditional elegance in the city’s wealthiest quarters.

Finding your haven of luxury

The largest city in the province of Quebec at 166.6 m2, this vibrant metropolis is home to a diverse set of neighborhoods and demographics. But HNWI, UHNWI, and buyers with high purchasing power search the exclusive streets in the city, most of which are located in the ultra-chic suburb of Westmount.

This peaceful residential area is among the richest areas to live in all of Canada. Westmount is known for being a highly-desirable and prestigious living environment, with magnificent chateau-like mansions and immaculately landscaped lawns and gardens, as well as luxury apartments for smaller families. According to the numbers, it holds the wealthiest neighborhoods in Montreal, such as King George Park, Sunnyside Avenue, Lexington Avenue, Edgehill, and Summit Park.

Luxury in Montreal is not exclusive to Westmount. Some find their gem in other upscale corners, such as Griffintown, Plateau Mont-Royal, Outremont, Mount Royal, and Old Montreal. These neighborhoods are highly sought after areas to buy a primary residence in Montreal thanks to the proximity of its single-family houses to competitive schools, in addition to the large plots of land, space for a garage, quiet surroundings, and privacy. Ask anyone, these are the attributes of not only a life well-lived but a life well-deserved.

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